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I’m old. Well, I’m nearly 70. And I was half paralyzed by stroke in March 2005. So I sit around all day “Trying to find lots of things not to do”—as the song has it.

I’ve spent a little time and money tracing the ancestors, and yes, I’ve got drunkards and prostitutes among them. So, it’s a fairly normal family really. Visit my family website for the gruesome details.

I joined a local group of fellow stroke survivors, East Kent Strokes, and found myself editing their newsletter Stroke Watch. Much of my blog consists of reprints of articles I have penned for Stroke Watch. They chart my progress in recovery, and also blast one or two preconceptions about how long it takes to recover.

I am pleased to do this “work” for the group. No one should minimise the benefit of going out regularly to meet friends in a local pub and having a pint over lunch with a good measure of laughter thrown in. The aim of the newsletter is to encourage those other members of the group who do not come out to to do so.

As the Irish comedian used to say “Let your God go with you”

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July 15, 2008 at 7:18 pm