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Stroke Survivor or Victim?

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I had my stroke in March 2005, and within a few days started to fight the paralysis to regain control of my limbs. I have since joined a local group of survivors, and am now the editor of their newsletter – Stroke Watch published by East Kent Strokes.

However, I have fallen foul of the senior members by talking about stroke victims. “We’re not victims, we are survivors!”

At last I have seen in print support of my view, which is that when I lay in the hospital bed helpless bewildered and grieving for my loss, I was a victim. As soon as I started to force my leg into motion, I became a potential survivor. As time has passed and I have greater control over my right limbs, so too am I a survivor (deeper, or stronger, what adjective would you use).

The book that brought this blog on is The Diary of a Stroke by Martin Stephen published this year by Psychology News Press of London. The passage is:

“Medicine isn’t an exact science, my father always used to say. [The author’s father was a GP] He had also said to me, for some reason many years ago, that you always know those stroke victims who’re going to get better. They fight it, they don’t let it win.”

Well, that’s me and the others in our group. We’ll beat the bloody thing!

Written by dw

July 14, 2008 at 4:28 pm

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